For nearly two decades, Barges has been conceiving, building, cultivating and scaling up innovative buyer-seller platforms promoting emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Leading spiritual marketplace focused on live psychic readings via video,
    chat and voice, the premium platform features over 1200 advisors vetted
    by users for their accurate and reliable guidance on a variety of topics.

  • Offering world-class spiritual video based advice on relationships, careers,
    and more. Users simply select a psychic advisor of choice, submit a question,
    and receive a personalized video reading within 24 hours.

  • Zodiac Psychics connects customers with genuine advice from some of the
    world’s best psychics. Through our safe and simple online platform, discover
    the perfect psychic reading to help in love, work, life and beyond.

  • Psychic readings app offering a unique experience — rather than selecting a
    specific advisor, users submit their question and receive an answer from
    multiple psychics offering different perspectives.

  • The spiritual app connecting you with selected psychics, in the span of a
    coffee break. Connect with one of over 250 experts in divination,
    energetic healing and astrology.

  • Global psychic network where visitors can easily find a qualified psychic
    advisor to chat with live. The introductory session is always free of charge, offering
    real-time guidance on money, love, health, career, soulmate, and more.

  • Supporting others is therapeutic for both the listener and person in need of
    emotional support. The first-of-its kind community facilitates live peer-to-peer
    counseling to help one another get through life’s challenges.