About Us

Barges Technologies is a fast-growing global leader in the wellness industry, building consumer marketplaces that specialize in emotional and spiritual guidance, leveraging the latest mobile and web technologies.

Founded in 2005, Barges Technologies has launched multiple industry-leading spiritual advice marketplaces. Barges established its leadership with its popular Purple app family, offering life-improving support and guidance to millions of clarity-seeking individuals across the globe through its extensive network of professional spiritual and emotional advisors. In 2020, Barges was acquired by Ingenio, a San Francisco-based company that has created the world’s largest collection of online destinations focusing on spiritual and emotional wellness.


Barges Technologies is a fast-growing world leader in building consumer marketplaces specializing in emotional wellness and spiritual guidance leveraging the latest web and mobile technologies.

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Meet the team

  • Leadership

    • Dori Dayan

    • Boris Nadion

    • Yaniv Sharon

      VP R&D
    • Iris Tsur

      VP Product
    • Ofer Yahav

      VP Marketing & Growth
    • Maggie Mercer

      Community & Support Manager
  • R&D

    • Yuriy Hlyudzyk

      Team Lead, Web & iOS
    • Rickard Movzesh

      R&D Site Manager
    • Dmytro Chuchmay

      QA Team Lead
    • Yevheniy Sichka

      React Developer
    • Ihor Kulych

      Backend Developer
    • Vitaliy Chovban

      QA Engineer
    • Olena Protas

      iOS Developer
    • Vitaliy Bykovets

      Backend Developer
    • Eugene Oleinikov

      Android Developer
    • Beata Bairamian

      QA Engineer
    • Louisa Youzefovich

      Backend Developer
    • Olha Yavorska

      React/Web Developer
    • Ferenc Hal

      Android Developer
    • Maryna Brila

      QA Engineer
    • Dmytro Tynhaev

      iOS Developer
    • Vladyslava Lasko

      QA Engineer
    • Ivan Irchak

      iOS Developer
  • Product

    • Noa Runes

      Product Manager
    • Gleb Ladisov

      UI/UX Expert
  • Growth & Partnerships

    • Emilie Cohen

      Affiliates Manager
    • Yotam Shilon

      Campaign Manager
  • People Operations

    • Bohdana Beley

      People Ops and Talent Partner
    • Anna Drahula

      Office Manager & Community
  • Community & Customer Support

    • Anabel Conner

      Advisor Success Manager
    • Susanna Scott

      Senior Community Manager
    • Katy Smalley

      Support & Community
    • Amy Grant

      Community Manager
    • Alexandria Griffiths

      Support & Community
    • Antonina Sholia

      Community Moderator
    • Anastasia Vertyporoh

      Community Moderator
    • Ashley Silva

      Advisor Success Partner