What is a Marketplace?


An online marketplace is a website or app that facilitates commerce between multiple third parties.

A successful marketplace brings efficiency to an otherwise inefficient market by aggregating curated goods or services for buyers who seek certain goods or expertise in a one-stop shop with economies of scale.

This requires the marketplace operator to provide and maintain the appropriate technical infrastructure, handle vetting of seller applicants, mediate disputes, manage seller & buyer reputations, process payments, ensure ongoing financial viability for all parties, manage user communities, manage marketing & sales, and much more.

Our Process

  • Opportunity
  • Market
  • Specification
    & Design
  • Development
    & Quality Assurance
  • Product
  • User
  • Sales
    & Marketing
  • Continuous

Research & Development


The Barges team has vast experience in designing, building, and scaling systems serving global online marketplaces. Our system architecture includes:

Native mobile applications:

  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift
  • Android: Java

Responsive web applications:

  • Javascript
  • jQuery

Fault-tolerant backend servers for reliable, 24x7 operation of our platforms:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Nginx
  • Pushwoosh
  • PubNub


  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
  • Crashlytics
  • Appsflyer
  • Hotjar

Product Management

A good product strategy starts with understanding the user’s needs and developing strategies to fulfill them. When building a marketplace, the “user” can be a buyer, a seller, or the marketplace operator. Balancing all users’ needs is essential in maintaining a successful marketplace. Among our product management activities:

  • Researching the market and competitive landscape
  • Determining the product strategy
  • Defining user personas
  • Collecting user feedback
  • Defining new features
  • Marketing-related responsibilities: advertising, promotions, social media, App Store optimization (ASO)

Community Management


Our globally distributed community team oversees the day-to-day operations of our marketplaces by ensuring compliance and by driving recruitment growth. Among the team’s responsibilities:

  • Recruitment and qualification of marketplace sellers
  • Drafting and enforcement of marketplace rules
  • Customer support
  • Knowledge base maintenance
  • Content creation and social media management


For more than a decade, Barges Technologies has been building online consumer marketplace platforms across multiple industries.

Armed with our technological acumen and vast experience in creating and cultivating buyer/seller communities, we are uniquely capable of conceiving and establishing high-value consumer marketplaces with lasting growth.

Our Team

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    Charlie Federman


    Charlie has been involved with Barges since its inception. He has been an investor, advisor and operator of information technology companies for nearly 40 years. He was a partner with the venture group BRM, whose partners co-founded the security company Checkpoint. Prior to BRM, Mr. Federman spent 15 years, culminating as the Chairman of Broadview, a lead M&A boutique. Mr. Federman holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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    Elad Baron


    A lifelong entrepreneur, Elad has been building products since his high school years. With multiple exits under his belt, including acquisitions by Microsoft and Attunity, his user-driven focus, business acumen, and leadership have led to the successful creation and massive growth of Barges' marketplaces. Elad's passion is in identifying underserved markets and developing growth strategies.

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    Yaniv Shani

    VP R&D

    Yaniv has two decades of experience in managing the development of large-scale enterprise software, overseeing large R&D teams across the globe. His track record in management and hands-on software development spans both large-scale projects within global corporate environments as well as nimble startup environments.

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    Dori Dayan

    VP Product & Ops.

    Dori brings over 15 years of experience in product management and operations, having worked in medium and large corporations such as GE Healthcare, as well as two startups, which he co-founded. His past roles span across multiple industries including software, medical devices, Internet of Things, and consumer electronics.

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    Boris Nadion


    Boris is a leading expert in web and mobile technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Node.js, as well as deep learning and AI. An entrepreneur himself, he co-founded the consultancy firm Astrails and has designed and built dozens of industry-leading web and mobile applications across many industries.

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    Yonatan Hyman

    VP Marketing

    With over 15 years of experience, Yonatan specializes in user acquisition, building and optimizing ROI-positive paths from click to purchase, having worked in both hands-on and strategical capacities. His experience spans across industry-leading high tech companies as well as startups, including Wix, Taboola, and IronSource.

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